Julianne Post

About ULicious

Owner Julianne Post, is a certified health coach and a mother of 3 boys with a passion for health, nutrition, and fitness. Opening a smoothie and juice bar has been a long-time dream of hers.

After growing up in the family restaurant business , and becoming a mom, health coach, and personal trainer, she realized that the food service industry would be a great way to combine her experiences. Combining her extensive knowledge about health and nutrition Julianne created a concept to support her philosophy. Making her dream a reality, she is now able to give her customers superior products and service. She strives to empower her customers and clients to live to their fullest potential.

Champion for Community

We are proud to be working with Groundwork Lawrence, a local non-profit organization, in sourcing some of our local fresh organic produce. Groundwork Lawrence is dedicated to changing places and changing lives by employing young adults from within the community. Their Green Team works at several Urban Farms throughout the community harvesting the freshest fruits and vegetables. They make local fresh food affordable for families and local businesses. Collaborating with Groundwork Lawrence enables us to help in making our community a happier healthier place that teaches local children and young adults about the importance of nutrition at an early age.